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Calculation Methodology

Electricity Generated (Megawatt-hours) - Estimated total amount of electricity generated. One megawatt-hour is the electricity used to light 10,000 100-watt light bulbs for 1 hour.

Percent of Homes Powered - Electricity Generated divided by the average daily megawatt-hours of electricity used across all homes in the geographic area. Values over 100% indicate that electricity generation exceeds the sum of electricity used in all homes.

Percent of Daily Cost Saved - Percentage of daily electricity cost saved by an average household with an average-sized solar array on its roof versus using power only from the grid.

Solar Power Index (0 to 10) - Daily solar power potential scaled to a maximum of 10. Maximum value corresponds to clear sky with average atmospheric conditions (aerosols and water vapor content) on the date.

Wind Power Index (0 to 10) - Daily wind power potential scaled to a maximum of 10. Maximum value occurs when all turbines in the geographic area during the entire forecast period operate at rated capacity. A typical wind turbine operates at rated capacity at wind speeds above about 14 m/s and shuts down at wind speeds of about 25 m/s.

Equivalent CO2 Avoided - The pounds of CO2 that would have been emitted on average by power plants operating in the state to produce the same amount of electricity as generated from the sun or wind.

Equivalent Car Miles - The number of miles an average car would need to be driven to emit the same amount of CO2 as given by the “Equivalent CO2 avoided” metric.

Equivalent Trees Planted - The number of tree seedlings planted and grown for ten years that it would take to absorb the same amount of CO2 from the air as given by the “Equivalent CO2 avoided” metric.

Equivalent Smartphones Charged - The number of typical smartphones that could be charged using the amount of electricity generated from the sun or wind.

DMA - Television Designated Market Area, as defined by Nielsen.

Region - The specific eGRID (Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database) region as defined by the EPA. See methodology for discussion of eGRID regions.

Time Periods
- Yesterday: Most recent 24 hours of observed (HRRR) data available to this wind/solar tool, 04:00 - 04:00 GMT
- Today and Tomorrow: 24-hour periods starting from 12:00 GMT

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